Education and Sport:
Sport facilities and playgrounds

We create sports facilities and playgrounds in a short time

Thanks to our long-time experience, we propose ourselves as a reference for public institutions and for private individuals interested in the construction or renovation of play areas or sport spaces outdoors or inside fixed or mobile structures.

We offer our free advice to bring your systems and your play equipement suitable for outdoors up to standard after inspection and budgeting of the useful works for requalifications and maintenances.

The quality you are looking for

Our experience in the sport facilities sector and constructions allows us to advise our customers in the best way regarding the choice of the most suitable solution to their use and maintenance requirements.

We have been working with oratories, schools and organizations for over thirty years. We propose and create solutions for the construction or redevelopment of educational areas; outdoors and indoors.

We also manage to offer a real consultancy, with National Credit Institutions, throughout  qualified staff, for financing targeted to your needs.



For information contact Lino Pellecchia at the following number:

tel. 349 614 8060



Via Accademia, 19 20131

Milan (MI) 

P.I/CF: 09922550158


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