Sport Facilities


Explore our various floorings, including resin, synthetic grass, natural and synthetic clay, to find the perfect solution for your needs.

Sports facilities

Discover our different sports structures realized with high quality materials, including steel, laminated wood and pressostatics, to ensure durability and safety.


Choose from a wide range of sports facility protections, carefully settled to ensure a safe place for athletes and spectators.

Play areas

Explore our playful spaces, where we design certified games in wood or aluminum with anti-shock surfaces available in a variety of colors, to offer a secure and stimulating fun.

Pickleball courts

Discover our fixed and mobile Pickleball courts designed for moments of pure fun and

Padel courts

Explore our Padel courts, with modern and strong structures, great for lovers of this exciting growing sport.

Mini golf

Discover our mini golf courses, designed to create engaging and fun playing experiences
for the entire family.


For information contact Lino Pellecchia at the following number:

tel. 349 614 8060



Via Accademia, 19 20131

Milan (MI) 

P.I/CF: 09922550158


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