Psychomotricity and soft settings

Explore psychomotor skills and soft settings on Teaching and Sport. A world of games and activities for the complete development of children. Download the catalog now for balanced and funny growth!

Educational furniture

Find innovative and functional solutions for inspiring and welcoming educational areas.
Download the catalog now to discover the latest trends in creative learning furniture.

Teaching materials

Find educational resources and innovative tools to enrich the learning experience.
Download the whole catalog now to access to a wide selection of quality educational materials, designed to inspire and engage students.


For information contact Lino Pellecchia at the following number:

tel. 349 614 8060

mail: lino@didatticasport.it


Via Accademia, 19 20131

Milan (MI) 

P.I/CF: 09922550158

Mail: lino@didatticasport.it

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